I offer personalised newborn photography in my Gold Coast studio. Below you will find the most common newborn photography questions I receive:

Is it really worth having newborn photos done?

Those first few weeks of having a newborn are a complete blur and you don’t realise how much you missed until much later on. I love to capture all of the details of a tiny newborn baby that you can look back on and remember, not just now but in years to come. Capturing those new family moments are priceless, you can never get that time back again. I have never had anyone say they regret getting newborn photos, however I’ve had plenty of people say they regret not getting the newborn photos.

What age is best to photograph a newborn?

The best age for a newborn session is from 7-15 days. This is so we can achieve those squishy poses of a newborn baby. However I do photograph babies of any age. Each milestone reached is just as important as the newborn stage.

Do you supply all props for newborn photos?

For newborn photography sessions, I have a lifestyle set where images are more natural or I also offer baby props such as tiny baby beds and buckets for a more newborn posed look.

How safe is a newborn photo shoot?

Newborn photoshoots are done with a lot of patience, photography expertise and newborn baby safety training. I will always use parents to help where safety is a concern. For instance if the baby is in a bucket, I will pose safely and ask a parent to hold the baby in place while I photograph. I will then use my computer skills to remove the parents hand if we need to. Safety is always my main aim. I would generally do a newborn session with parents and any siblings. This can be in the studio or outdoors or at a location of choice.