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Fitness photography is a form of self-celebration and empowerment. Often, women will embark on fitness journeys with specific goals in mind, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or overall improved well-being. Documenting these achievements through photography enables you to celebrate your success, no matter how big or small it contributes significantly to a positive self-image and reinforces a sense of accomplishment.

When used mindfully, fitness photography empowers women to set realistic and personal benchmarks and to focus on their unique journey and to recognise that everyone's path to wellness is distinct. When you view your body and fitness levels from this perspective, it cultivates a positive relationship with your body and fosters a greater level of empowerment over your body and your life.

A non refundable session fee of $200 is due to secure your booking. Your session fee covers your session, time and talent of the photographer and does not include any products, prints or images. The minimum spend is $495 which is the cost of the smallest collection and there are no hidden costs. Interest free payment plans are available upon request.


Fitness photography takes place in my beautiful studio space in my home on the Gold Coast which has a lovely warm and inviting atmosphere as well as a luxury feel.

I have a range of different coloured backdrops to create timeless, classic, luxury portraits.

Studio sessions are up to 1 hour and can be anytime during the day, Monday - Friday. 


During your Gold Coast Fitness photography session I will work with you to create poses so that you feel comfortable while showcasing your fitness achievements.

You are welcome to bring a few of your favourite workout outfits and/or props you use in your fitness regime or sport that you take part in.  

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Over 70 genuine five star Google reviews